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A Talk with Stefano Spaggiari on Expert System’s Leadership in Artificial Intelligence

San Francisco, Italy

– In Silicon Valley we have not only Italian startups that are here to become unicorns, but also large Italian IT corporations that use the Valley as a platform to grow globally. One of the most remarkable ones is Expert System. I had a nice chat with Stefano Spaggiari (in the picture below), the CEO of this company founded in Modena in 1989. Today Expert System is an international company listed on the Italian stock exchange AIM Italia, with several offices in Europe, a branch in London, and two in America, including an office in Palo Alto.

Expert System is a leader in the Artificial Intelligence industry, specifically in the area of cognitive computing and text analytics. It has developed state-of-the-art applications for the comprehension and analysis of language and information. This is a booming sector, also from an investment point of view: in 2014, venture capital investments in companies specialized in AI totalled $309 million, compared $14.9 million just five years ago.

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