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The value of semantic features in search

The recent recognition of our customer, Telecom Italia, as the top corporate website in Europe gives us the chance to talk about the new semantic features we’ve recently incorporated at

We have been working with Telecom Italia for some time now, applying our semantic technology to their customer service portal to quickly and precisely support customer requests. On its main portal, we apply additional semantic features to enhance information retrieval and provide users with a direct route to the information they’re seeking. These include:

  • Categorization: We developed a custom taxonomy to categorize the Telecom Italia knowledge base, according to content and customized criteria.
  • Multilanguage results: The search engine broadens results beyond just Italian—a separate set of results for English content is retrieved for each query.
  • Results filtering by file type: Users can now narrow their results by the type of file—video, audio, PDF—they’re looking for.

The process combines the strengths of two of our products—Cogito Search Explore Engine (SEE), which accesses and analyzes all of Telecom Italia’s knowledge base, and Cogito Categorizer, used for categorizing large amounts of documents and content—resulting in high performance, optimized search results, and faster than before.

The advantage of Cogito is in its ability to distinguish between words and intention through an understanding of the meaning of words in context. In the form of a search portal, this translates to retrieving the precise information a user is searching for. The development of a custom taxonomy sorts documents automatically by interpreting their content, enabling users to concentrate on their area of interest, all without slowing the search process.

The world of search is continuously evolving, and today’s users expect not only immediate results, but new ways to view and explore them. We’re proud to see a long time customer recognized for a good website, because it underscores the value they place on information, and getting it to their users as quickly and easily as possible. That’s definitely a priority that we can relate to!

Author, Luca Scagliarini.

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