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Timely Listening, Comprehension and Deduction for Modern and Efficient Intelligence: Expert System, Loquendo and Semeion United for AFCEA

Rome, 9-24-2009

Expert System, Loquendo and Semeion, with the cooperation of AFCEA – Association of Communications and Electronic for Armated Forces (chapter in Rome), have organized the seminar “Timely listening, comprehension and deduction for modern and efficient intelligence”.

The event will be entirely dedicated to: descriptions of the most sophisticated vocal biometrics technologies, speech-text conversion, semantic analysis and artificial intelligence; all which efficiently support intelligence, security and investigative activities.

General Pietro Finocchio, President of AFCEA’s chapter in Rome, will kick off the event by introducing the topic of “modern” intelligence: the greatest difficulty in today’s intelligence activities is no longer the lack of information, but rather, the abundance, the incoherence and the complexity of the available data.

Here, Loquendo’s instruments for the analysis of vocal communication (Voice Intelligence), Expert System’s semantic text analysis software and the Artificial Intelligence algorithms of Semeion shall be presented (some by live demo). Particular attention will be dedicated to the integration of these technologies to support the creation of different scenarios and the strategic analysis of sentiment and investigation; thus, making intelligence not only modern, but also efficient.

The event will take place on the morning of September 24, 2009 (9:00 am-1:15 pm) in Rome, in the Meeting Hall of the Scuola Trasmissioni ed Informatica E.I. Caserma Perotti Via dei Genieri 287 – Cecchignola.

Seminar participation is free of cost, but attendees are required to sign up on the website – in the “area prossimo evento” section:


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