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Toyota: How to Win back Your Customers

Toyota is in hot water. The company recently announced recalls on seven U.S. and European models, due to faulty gas pedals and braking systems. Not only is this a tremendous blow for the world’s largest automaker’s image, but it could also have a serious impact on it’s sales.

A drop in sales has already been registered: in the US, sales have declined by 8.7%, due in part to the removal of some defective models from the market, in Jan 2010. For the first time in 10 years, Toyota’s sales sank below 100,000 units; and in the first few days of February, the stock was down 5.69% on the Tokyo Exchange.

Toyota is now focusing on winning back it’s customers and reassuring them of the quality and the safety of it’s vehicles. And what about the Voice of the Customers? Could Toyota have foreseen the imminent crisis just by analyzing the opinions expressed online? Could they have had a notion of which aspects were being discussed and criticized by users?

We used Cogito Monitor (our semantic software which automatically processes content in detail) to find out what users have said about Toyota. We examined the comments posted on the most popular U.S. automobile blogs and forums such as:,, etc.

And this is what we have found out.


Author: Luca Scagliarini

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