What Are Twitter’s Top 100 Celebrities Talking About?

For organizations, the value of monitoring social media comes from being able to see the patterns and sentiment present in these conversations that could provide value for everything from customer service to product development.

Twitter as a broadcasting tool is a place where some 255 million users are tuning in monthly* to share information, photos and commentary. But what is being shared or discussed at any given moment? What emotions are being transmitted?

To answer this, we chose a sample of celebrity Twitter users, who, with millions of followers between them, are ranked by as top users. Using our semantic software, Cogito, we analyzed a sample of 19,000 tweets, which includes the last 200 tweets from each of the users through March 9, 2014, identifying the topics and emotions in context represented by their tweets.

Topics. The single most popular topic in tweets was music, followed by holidays, movies and celebrity gossip, but also more personal topics such as children and work.


Figure 2: Most Popular topics

Not surprisingly, many celebrity tweets were closely related to their main line of work: Soccer was the most popular topic among soccer stars @Cristiano, @KAKA, @neymarjr and @WayneRooney. Movies and television, film festivals and awards were the main topics of tweets by actors (@KevinHart4real, @stephenfry, @iamsrk, etc.) and music was the main topic among most singers and performers on the list.

The topic of family was the most popular for actors such as @charliesheen, @EvaLongoria, tv stars like @snooki and @Oprah, singers such as @Pink and @aliciakeys. Many celebrities tweet more about interests than profession:

– fine art for @CodySimpson

– children’s books for @carlyraejepsen

– baseball for the rapper @LilTunechi

– football and humor for the basketball player @KDTrey5

– books and literature for @JimCarrey

– babies and toddlers for @jessicaalba

– ecology and pollution for @LeoDiCaprio

Emotions/Feelings. Overall, celebrities’ tweets could be categorized as having more positive than negative sentiment. Love, happiness and desire were the top feelings/emotions transmitted in the tweets. Less frequent were negative sentiment such as rudeness, violence and fear, which were among the top negative emotions expressed.


Figure 3: Mostpopular feelings

Some notes about the analysis: With the exception of @beyonce and @kanyewest, most of the celebrities had at least 100 tweets. The sample used excluded groups and companies, as well as those who tweeted predominantly in languages other than English.


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