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Unconventional solutions to highlight strategic information

Oct 27, 2005

Last 25th of October in Milan at the Hilton Hotel the seminar organized by Expert System together with IDC took place. To the event, focused on the presentation of “unconventional solutions to highlight strategic information”, a large part of subscribers took part, who followed with great interest the various and different items on the agenda.

After the introductory speech of Stefano Spaggiari, the Expert System’s Chief Executive Officer, who shortly introduced the company and the seminar’s aims, Guido Pagnini, the IT Research Director of IDC, made a clear survey of the situation, talking about the management of unstructured information, the development of content access and content management and the most effective evolving scenarios for the companies. The first part of the seminar came to an end with Marco Varone’s presentation, the Expert System’s CTO, who explained to the partecipants how semantic technology is the most innovative solution for the management of unstructured information, also showing some demos and presentations of case studies for the management of the semantic technology.

In the second part of the seminary, the agenda presented three important testimonials, which dealt with the possible applications of semantic technology. Giancarlo Sirtori, Des – Delco Service‘s Chief Executive, who introduced the activities of the company, which is partner of Expert System, followed by Francesco Di Perna, thr Internet Customer Manager of Telecom Italia, who talked about the very good experience of an e-mail management solution developed for customer care, which was confirmed by the good results of customers, allowing so a considerable waste of time and money. To conclude these case studies, Barbara Ferrario of Pirelli Security Department took the floor. She explained the semantic technology support for gathering strategic information about the Security area, which serves as focal point for Open Source Intelligence activities of the Pirelli Group.

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