Wabion awarded “2014 Global Partner of the Year – Search” by Google for Work

Last week Google for Work awarded Wabion as the “2014 Global Partner of the Year – Search”. The award was presented at TeamWork 2015, the Google for Work annual global partner summit which took place in San Diego, CA, and Expert System was there and happy to share this good news with Wabion.

As the award emphasizes Wabion’s proven track record of deploying product adoption for customers on search, we look forward to continue working together to offer innovative, semantics-based solutions which will improve enterprise data access and management.


Wabion is specialized in delivering solutions based upon the Google for Work product portfolio. Based on the Google Search Appliance (GSA), Wabion has implemented a large range of individual solutions for many customers which are far beyond a pure full-text search.

Expert System’s semantic engine enhances Google Search Appliance‘s search results by adding semantic information, thus providing users with new tools for searching and finding. For example, the search technology can help customer service departments with better quality self service portals and call centers, understanding what customers mean in the way that they are saying it.

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