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Webinar (in German): „Automated indexing with Cogito Studio Express: Machine Learning in practice“, January 26, 2017.


Search and Navigation experience through high volume of information can be dramatically improved if relevant keywords are recognized by the system. Using structured vocabularies (thesauri) as well as an automated indexing process guarantees quality and relevance.

During this session, we will describe how the Cogito studio Express environment enables you to produce, maintain and apply your thesaurus to big corpus for indexing purpose. We will highlight how Cogito Studio Express’s Machine Learning capabilities can substantially improve the quality of your indexing process without requiring any upstream manual action.

Then, we will present shortly a corpus indexing case study based on the use of a thesaurus and the Cogito Studio Express tool and we will compare the results before and after Machine Learning activation.
This webinar will be held in German.

“Automatisches Indexieren mit dem Cogito Studio Express:
Machine Learning in der Praxis”.

Januar 26., 2017 | 15:30 – 16:30

Click here to access the video (in German).

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