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Webinar: Kicking your Taxonomy Creation & SharePoint Experience into High Gear, February 24, 2016

SharePoint has become commonplace in many organizations across America. But the challenge of promoting its adoption and regular use often remain elusive.

In this session, we briefly re-visit the topic of Episode #1, Jumpstart your Taxonomy Content Creation, and then discuss how an Expert System enriched WAND taxonomy is deployed and utilized within SharePoint.

An effective taxonomy with precise, accurate categorization is critical for providing access to enterprise information. New content and applications, multiple information repositories and changing organizational structures not only drive demand for organizing and accessing information quickly and efficiently, but also require a taxonomy that grows with you. Traditional approaches often result in a taxonomy that is more complex than what you actually need and do not reflect the granular detail of your content. Ensuring that your taxonomy accurately represents your content cannot be left up to chance.

In this session we show a live demo, and discuss the advantage of a semantic approach vs. traditional top-down taxonomy approaches; simple methods for facilitating content-driven taxonomy creation; and how linguistic rules creation and refinement is not only easy, but delivers highly precise results while adding increased flexibility to your enterprise information management strategy.

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