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Webinar March 12: Designing a Content-Driven Approach to Taxonomies with Semantics

Mar 7, 2014

When it comes to being able to access enterprise information, an effective taxonomy is a critical element at the core of any information management system. Ensuring that your taxonomy accurately represents your content gives you a significant advantage and cannot be left up to chance.

Taxonomy creators, software developers, systems integrators and analysts who want to ensure effective management of enterprise knowledge they manage won’t want to miss our upcoming webinar: “Designing a Content-Driven Approach to Taxonomies with Semantics.”


Our new Cogito Taxonomy Studio is a complete solution that leverages the strength of a proven and scalable natural language processing engine and its extensive semantic network to transform the process of creating and deploying a taxonomy.

In this webinar, we will show:

  • The advantage of a semantic approach vs. traditional top-down taxonomy approaches
  • Tools to facilitate content-driven taxonomy creation
  • How linguistic rules creation and refinement is not only easy, but transformative for your content

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