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Webinar Recording: Code Camp: Managing Semantic Tools in Knowledge Intensive Industries

Recorded from the live event on 11 May 2011

Value creation in today’s global business environment encompasses a concentrated and continuous effort in gathering and sharing across the organization. For any business, but especially in knowledge intensive industries, having a slow and ineffective information access and management process is a risk few can afford.

Semantic technology enables not only data optimization, but a complete knowledge management process starting from capturing “weak signals” among the stream of information any organization needs to process on a daily basis, to improving productivity and effectiveness in making important connections between data sets.

In this two-part series, Expert System will explore two aspects of semantic technology that are critical for a successful knowledge management strategy: Taxonomy and Ontology. The webinars will feature hands-on demonstrations of a simple and comprehensive tool, Cogito Studio, which can be used to create Taxonomies and Ontologies, and how it can be used to automatically extract knowledge from unstructured sources.

View the recording: Managing Taxonomies: Developing Categorization and Rules

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